my favourite corner

I keep meaning to post some pictures of my apartment but the weather continues to be terrible.  And, given that it is June - June(!) - I keep thinking "next week it'll be sunny", but it just keeps raining and now I have some fresh flowers which are begging to be photographed.  So here is one of my favourite little corners of our apartment. A little kitchen "nook", although even this makes it sound far grander than it actually is.
The little sideboard is, I think, circa 1950s.  It was bought on ebay, and from memory cost around 50 euro, including the shipping.  It stores all our napkins, tablecloths and aluminium foil on one side and oils and vinegars on the other.  
On top is my beloved coffee machine.  I've had this coffee machine for years.  It was temporarily loaned out to a housemate when I was living in the US but is now happily back.  I'm still trying to live a caffeine-free existance, but I love the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning and this trusty machine makes a coffee equal to most coffee shops around.
The woven bowls are from Uganda and Botswana - handwoven and bought for a crazily cheap price while I was living there last year.  The ceramic bowls are from Morocco and Spain - bought by Matthias while he was at a conference.  Our kitchen doesn't have a lot of storage space - these bowls are also our bread bowls, cake platters, salad bowls etc and get taken down when needed.
And the flowers?  Well, they were a lovely birthday gift from my favourite florist on Marienburgerstrasse.


Diana Mieczan said...

Beautiful space, sweetie! I adore the plates on the wall and the flowers are such a lovely gift!
Kisses and enjoy your Tuesday :)

ALFIE said...

this would be my favorite corner of my apartment too!!! love everything you've done! it looks awesome :)

Anonymous said...

I can't go past the strawberry ceramic tile.
what memories that immediately conjers up!

chelsea rebecca said...

oh my goodness this is so wonderful!
such a beautiful and cozy little spot!!
your decorating skills are top notch!!