australia vs germany

Last night was always going to be tough for a little soccer nation like Australia.  After five minutes it was pretty clear that they were little fish playing in a much, much bigger sea.  They were out-maneuvered, out-classed and out-played.  And then Tim Cahill got a controversial red card. 4-0, game over.  

Well, at least the Germans were happy.


Diana Mieczan said...

Wow...that is fantastic!!! I love that:)
Kisses darling

ALFIE said...

lol! i've been loving the World Cup---and this post made me laugh! :)

Silver Strands said...

Amazing pictures!

Jess said...

Aww as soon as I saw this post I felt for you! Not fun when your team loses and you are in the winning country. The Germans are definitely happy though, the german guy I sit next to at work practically danced into work on Monday lol. I'm hoping New Zealand does better tonight!