How was your weekend?  Mine was full of excitment, although not the sort you really want  - the bugs that have been camping out in my throat decided to throw the party of the decade in my ear.  They're a pretty rowdy bunch when they get going and the result was a perforated ear drum and a 2am trip to the emergency room on Saturday morning for pain killers and some antibiotics.  I'm hoping the antibiotics will finally let the bugs know that it's time to shut the party down and go elsewhere. 

But as a bit of light distraction, a few (more) photos from my boat tour of Berlin's canals from last weekend.  Random fact that I learnt; Berlin has more canals and waterways than Venice!  I got a bit carried away with the architecture from the water so there's a few - bare with me.


Diana Mieczan said...

Your weekend sounds so great! And you always take the best photos:)
Kisses darling and enjoy your Monday

Silver Strands said...

Favorite post of the morning!