i heart frankie (and my sister)

Whoo-hoo!  My sister is in town for the week.  She received word that she'd passed all her uni exams and hot-footed it onto a plane and arrived on Monday night.  As well as bringing lots of hugs and boundless energy she packed in her bag the latest edition of frankie.  If you don't know frankie I highly recommend you check it out.  I've spent the last few hours devouring every, single page of goodness.  I even read the 'dear frankie' section where one eloquent lady said "... I finished frankie feeling that the world is an amazing and inspiring place and that I am just fine as I am."  Kudos for a magazine making you feel good about yourself and inspiring you to create, listen, dance, laugh and genuinely enjoy life.  I *heart* frankie.  

I also *heart* my sister, Elle.  And in celebration of her arrival we ventured to one of Berlin's beach bars lastnight.  Good times all round.  Roll on summer...


Silver Strands said...

Nothing like sister-love Clare.... have a great time together!

Diana Mieczan said...

Good time for sure...Enjoy sweetie and have a blast!