what happens

This is what happens when you get very excited about knitting something because you need it. And instead of being methodical and thinking about yarn and needle selection you rush head first into the project with some wool you have on hand (which perfectly matches your beanie, and contrasts so elegantly with your winter coat and therefore will be *ahem* perfect no matter what you do).

A few hours later when you cast off, having convinced yourself that it looks small because all the ribbing will give it a lot of stretch, you find that it is, well, too small.
So then, you do what you actually should have done in the first place which is find a pattern that suits your yarn. So today I'm beginning this - Dashing - from Knitty Spring 2007. Hopefully it'll work.


sheepish one said...

ps: wow. i should proofread.

sheepish one said...

well, hello! and what a suitable post on which for I stop and comment!

i completely understand your frustration. everyone tells me it's just part of the knitter's learning curve. sometimes, though, i feel as if that curve is one endless mt. everest. don't know if i'll ever get over it. if i don't, and if you don't either, than we can hang out somewhere on the mountainside together. ;)

good luck with the dashing! i knit three pairs of those last christmastide and loved the result.