The sun is shining and I want to be outside - but my head is pounding, my nose is running and my lungs are protesting vehemently about the bugs that have decided to make them *ahem* a temporary home.

I blame it on too much of this
and this
followed by a very wet New Year's Eve which looked something like this (but with much more mud). As one of my sister's eloquently put it "It was very, very hot, then is was very, very wet"
So today I will sit in bed and dream about the music - Moby, Datarock, Emiliana Torrini, Washington, John Steel Singers, Little Red, Hilltop Hoods, Xavier Rudd - did I mention Moby? And so many more... amazing!

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Lolly said...

Sorry to hear about the sickness... but oh my, it almost seems worth it if that is how you spent your holidays!!

Happy New Year to you~