over-staying your welcome

A funny thing happened on the weekend. We had a guest - our first actually - and although we don't have much furniture yet, we do have coffee, a blow-up mattress, shower and oodles of love to give people who visit. So despite it being Matthias' birthday - and initially wanting to do something special together on Saturday - we invited this guest to our Oyster lunch at KaDeVe (which he ate with gusto) and then kindly offered to take his (heavy) suitcase back to our house while he visited some other friend of his in the afternoon.

Perhaps you can imagine where this sorry tale is going - but you will be surprised how badly our guest tripped up. You see, we also invited him to a dinner which was planned with a nice group of Matthias' colleagues. He came - but arrived 40 minutes late - by which stage we had already ordered and we all had to squash around the table to accommodate him. He then proceeded to talk exclusively to a very nice (but oh so impressionable) blonde. As the night went on it was clear that our guest would not be returning home with us. In fact, to be strictly correct, when we looked around for him he had disappeared without saying good-bye. Some rather cross text messages were sent with the suggestion of bags being left outside (Wie sind nicht ein Hotel!) but by morning we were feeling slightly less cross about the matter and let him into our appartment to collect his belongings.

Well, that in itself was a mistake as finally our guest had no where to go and would like to stay until his train departed - wouldn't it be nice if we had a chat since we didn't get to last night (!!) As you can well imagine I wasn't at all in the mood for chatting and declared that I would take a nap. To my complete shock and surprise our guest thought a nap would also be good for him. He would take one too - on the air mattress that was still blown up.

There are no words for my surprise. We are not off to an auspicious start in the guest department. But I'm interested - what are your house-guest horror stories?

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Sue said...

Hopefully not an Australian! I seem to remember having perhaps too many guests (but mostly well behaved) when we were in the UK for 2 yrs. Can highly recommend a small 'Bear' with sticky hands as a means of rousing sleepy guests.