How was everyone's weekends?  I had a wonderful weekend doing all sorts of exciting things.  On Saturday morning the Postie delivered some long awaited pillowcovers from my sister.  The material was a Christmas present, but she only got a chance to sew them after I left for Berlin.  And now they are very happily sitting on our new couch.  

The package also had two Caramellos and a Cherry Ripe - perfect sustenance for a trip to Ikea (we are now proud owners of a rug, amongst other things).  Back from Ikea we had just enough time to put on our 'Sunday best' for the Opera.  It seems like an eternity ago, but back in November, Matthias bought me Opera tickets of Christmas.  Wagner's Rienzi with a chorus of 100 was really very spectacular.  And the cocktails after the performance made the night extra special (highly recommend trying a Gin Tai).

All-in-all a lovely weekend.  What did you get up to?


Katie said...

Nice cushions! ;) Look great on the couch. How is the couch?

Clare B said...

Thank you again Katie... cushions look so good - and brilliant job on the invisible zip. Looks very professional!! Couch is wonderful. Lots of time spent lounging and soaking up the "luxury" of being able to put my feet up somewhere in the apartment other than bed. Worth the wait.

Jane said...

The scarf looks like it is coming along well too! how is the cowl?

N. said...

I love the cushions! Do you have a source for the fabric?