Kris Kingle with a twist

Every year a group of my friends get together for our annual Kris Kringle present swap. It's a ruthless, cut-throat game where no gift is safe until the last person opens their present and all the gifts are on display.

The game goes something like this;
- A price is set (this year $20) and everyone buys a present, wraps it and puts it in the middle of the table
- An order in which the presents will be opened is decided. We've had many over the years.. youngest - oldest, tallest - shortest, postcode... but settled on pulling a number out of a hat this year
- The first person chooses a present and opens it
- The second person chooses a present and opens it

Now, here's where the fun starts.

The second person can choose whether to keep their present OR swap it with the present that is already open. There is no negotiation, no ifs or buts, if the 2nd person wants to swap they can
- The unwrapping continues like this with every subsequent person being able to choose whether to keep the present that they've opened or swap it with something that's already been opened. Only after the last person has opened their present is the gift in your hand safe
It's fun and at times ruthless. And if you really luck-out you can always hope for a better draw next year... I think I did pretty well - the Nina Simone Essentials CD - perfect Jazz listening for back in wintery Berlin.

PS. Stu, you made the blog!

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