Australia Day

Image from: V--ster (Flickr)

'My' Australia is a lot more like the images above, than the sterotype you see on TV of the outback and the beach. And when I think of Australia, I think of
long, flat roads through the wheat-belt between Melbourne and Adelaide; summer hats, sunscreen and beaches. I think of a warm winter sun, and a vicious summer sun. I think of suburbs and cars and beers with friends. Good coffee, seafood, chilli, coriander and a fusion of tastes and smells that comes when cultures merge. I miss being able to order my Ciabatta bread with a Tandori Chicken filling and my Barramundi with a Thai-inspired chilli, ginger marrinade. And while I am proud that today Australian's celebrate Australia Day in a way that I didn't as a child, it makes me sad to think that perhaps, maybe, our flag and this day is being used to mask a xenophobic nationalism that I not only don't understand but find abhorent. But enough said.

Happy Australia Day everyone!
Hope you enjoyed your BBQs and beer,

your Lamb and Pavlova.

I hope the Cricket was on, with the sound turned down

and with tripleJs Hottest 100 turned-up.

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