twenty four hours

What a difference 24 hours makes! I always find long-haul flights slightly disorientating. You board a plane, spend countless hours watching movies and occasionally sleeping, have layovers in sticky, humid places that regardless of the time of day/night are, well, sticky and humid and then land in another time zone and climate. No matter how much mental preparation you do, nothing really prepares you for the change, especially when you jump from 38 degrees to -2.

I briefly ventured outside today to pick up my residence permit (yippee!), but I'm planning on spending the rest of the afternoon snuggled up inside drinking coffee and knitting some much needed mittens.


Christie said...

Wow Clare, what a change... it's currently 34 degrees in Melbourne at 7.30am (!) as we head for our second day over 40, I think the couch and coffee sounds nicer!

Stuart said...

Glad you made it back safely! Stay in touch.