I have a new love in Berlin and she is called the 6th floor of the KaDeVe department store. Better than Lafayette, or Harrods or anything I went to in Japan - this is the mecca of all gourmet food floors. Beautifully arranged gourmet delicacies that had me literally salivating and wanting to make salads with elderberry infused vinegar, or Himalayan Salt flakes spiced with Saffron, or try some of their Apple juice - as if freshly pressed Apple juice was not enough, at KaDeVe you can choose between three different varieties of apple! Dinner anyone?

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Sue said...

Have to agree that KaDeVa outshines Harrods - it was very disappointing last visit, but what about La Grand Epicerie at Bon Marche? Anyway, a great asset to have on your doorstep.