Cabled Baby Vest

Although this looks like a quick knit to the uninitiated, this project was actually quite labour intensive. I'd like to say that I enjoyed the process of cabling every 5 rows, but I think I would have preferred a bit more variation in the pattern, although I am very pleased with the end result.
The yarn is a lovely Bamboo Cotton which feels very soft to touch, provides some warmth, but isn't too hot that it can still be worn throughout most of the year in milder climates. I also like the colour - a soft purple which (I think) is a more funky up-dated version of traditional baby pink for bubs.
This vest also called for a three-way bind off. Patterns that use this have always scared me in the past, but thanks to some wonderful instructions from The Purl Bee (who also provided the pattern) this also turned out quite well.
Full instructions for this pattern can be found here.

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katie@weheartbooks.com said...

Wow, Clare, so impressed by your knitting efforts. I couldn't even find words to comment on your last knitting post - wow, that lace!! You will have to teach me your techniques one of these days. Maybe when we are old we can find some rocking chairs and a verandah and knit ourselves silly.