Watching from the side line

This is the soccer oval opposite the hospital. Just out of view to the left are three concrete Volleyball courts. Every night when I leave the hospital there are people training on the oval and courts. I'm not sure who they are, but lots of people like this man (and me) stop and watch as they go about their drills and exercises.

I'm slowly getting used to living in Gabs. Yesterday I moved into my house - its a 3 bedroom apartment in the Village Apartments compound I'm sharing with two American girls. It's not flash my any means and reminds me a lot of cheap student housing - the walls need a paint, the carpet is coming up - but it appears to be fairly standard for Gaborone. The place has had different expats moving in and out over the last few years. It is clear that it has been temporary living for most people - the furniture is cheap and the walls are bare. On the weekend I'm planning buying a few things to make if feel more "homey".

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