My new house doesn't have TV. There is also no internet. Consequently I have become a very productive knitter. I started this back in Boston but I was a bit too ambitious and ran out of yarn before the end. It required several hours of unpicking to get back to a place where I could knit up the last repeat without a problem.
It's my first attempt at a lace pattern and, I think, I'm happy with the result. My stitches were very uneven before blocking but now seem to have evened out nicely and all that it left if to sew in the loose ends.
I'm still comtemplating whether I should keep this or give it to the person it was originally intended. Until then, no finished pictures.

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Clare said...

Wow! I am so impressed, are you sure you didn't cut and paste these photos from a knitting site? Lovely teal colour too. What a great skill, something to do for leisure, also useful, like cooking. Are there ingredients available for you to cook good food, if there are not a lot of restaurants?