Public Health Announcements

In Australia we have TAC ads telling us to "wipe off 5" and "if you drink then drive you're a bloody idiot". Here they have messages about HIV/AIDS. It's taken me a little while to get used to being bombarded with messages about 'knowing my sexual network', circumcision and being empowered to 'get tested'. What's more, some of the signs are really quite funny. The marketing strategy for designing a successful HIV/AIDS prevention programme in a country where the majority of the locals are observant Christian and at least outwardly sexually conservative, and yet have multiple concurrent partners with only a 20% marriage rate must be a real challenge. The result - bring out the sports stars. They always work, right?

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Clare said...

Hi Clare, great new blog! It's funny in UK, there are emerging public health posters and TV adds warning against the dangers of sunburn and tanning, something that has been drummed into us in Aus for the last 20 years.