Oliver Mtukudzi

I went to my first music concert in Gaborone on Friday night. It was, overall, an amazing experience. The music was wonderful, the crowd estatic and all for 150 pula (AUS$30) pretty good value.

Oliver Mtukduzi is a Zimbabwian musician who plays 'modern african' with a decidedly jazz bent. He's incredibly popular in southern Africa. Not only is he a charasmatic and talented musician but his music speaks peacefully for tolerance and the preservation of human rights, something that resonants strongly with crowds in these parts.

The headline act as Steve Dyer and his band. Steve Dyer is the white guy on the right in the picture above. But it was his backup Saxaphonist that I was particularly taken by. Some of the best Sax playing that I've heard, ever.
Unfortunately I forgot to tape Oliver Mtukudzi playing, I was totally spellbound by the music. I was also trying to stay on my feet. People here aren't great about personal space at the best of times, preferring to stand against you, rather than near you in a crowd or queue. Get people excited about music and all thought of personal space is lost. Listening to Mtukudzi required a full body effort, not only to stay on my feet, but also to sway to the beat 'African style' to prevent collisions with elbows, hips and shoulders.

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