There are three car horn sounds in Botswana. It took me three days of walking between work and my house to recognise them without looking. There is the 'beep' of the Kombi - the public transport system here - asking if you want to be picked up. There is the 'beep' of the private taxi, also asking if you want to be picked up (incidentally they will continue to pick people up until the taxi is full). And there is the 'beep' of the young man who wants to know your name and giggle. Mostly I choose not to respond to any and am content to walk.
But walking also has its challenges, which are somehow caged in a 1950s style etiquette. Yesterday while getting some lunch I was asked "Excuse me Ma, If you don't mind, would it be alright if I walked you up to the mall today?" Almost too sweet to refuse.

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