It's been a bumpy few days. My arrival in Botswana was less than welcoming. A driver picked me up from the airport (very good, positive feelings all round) - and then dropped me off at the hotel saying "see you Monday". It's safe to say that Gaborone isn't the most happening of places on the weekend and with no clear idea of where I was in relation to the rest of the city it was a little isolating. To top it all off - no money. VISA runs a monopoly on the ATMs in Botswana and unless you have a VISA electronic card the ATMs refuse to give you money. So, with only Mastercard and Cirrus as my trusty plastic and American dollars in cash, which no one wanted to touch on the weekend, I was left to wonder the streets and eat at the hotel restaurant.
So far work has also been a little disappointing. The Botswanan's are polite, but distant and have a habit of not informing you about what is going on. I'm still not really sure what I'm doing here, although I have read the protocol of the '1066' trial that I'm supposed to be working on. Was told today that we can go ahead and recruit people, but the trial has strict inclusion criteria and after 4 months they haven't recruited anyone. Hmm...
On the up side the weather is lovely and I'm getting lots of time to think about my next move, which may be sooner than expected.

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