Past Travels - London

I'm moving away from the exotic to what, for many Australians, is a staple travel destination. I have a love-hate relationship with London. I've visited many times, lived there a few. It's a city that I'm drawn to. And yet. London and I don't completely gel. The first time I visited (excluding when I lived there as a baby and can't remember a thing) I was backpacking on the cheap. I spent a month living in a hostel with six other roommates, working as a secretary for the NHS. It was February. I earnt 10 pounds an hour and was saving for my european travels. It is possible that I wouldn't have enjoyed living anywhere during those circumstances. The last time I was there was this summer and an all together different experience. The weather behaved, I caught up with some old friends, ate, drank, spent an afternoon on the terrace overlooking the Thames, did lots of people watching and generally had a wonderful time. And yet I left thinking, that the reason London was so nice was becuase I got to see old friends and eat, drink and generally be merry.

Here is my love-hate list:

Borough Market
Free Museums
Tate Modern
Victoria and Albert
Friends who live there
Black Cabs (if you can afford them, they are wonderful)

Bad weather
Noone smiles

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