We Heart Books Giveaway

Just a quick post and plug for We Heart Books, who are giving away this book by Wilkins Farago on their site this week. All you have to do is visit Wilkins Farago Website, choose the book that you like the most and leave a comment on We Heart Books blog saying which book you like the best. Easy huh?

We Heart Books is an awesome blog for people looking for books for the small people in their lives. Katie (my sister) and Lou do an amazing job and I am more than happy to plug their site. I especially love the When We Were Little posts on Sundays, which review books from their, and guest bloggers, childhoods. It is so lovely to re-discover books that you loved - all the memories come flooding back and it is as if you were sitting, snuggled up in bed reading them for the first time again.

Go on - check them out!

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