This is who I am

This is who I am is a creativity workshop hosted by Christina of Divas and Dreams.  I actually found out about it from Lemontines, who is following a similar path to me at the moment discovering photography, mixed-media and also has a soft-spot for knitting.  A girl of my own heart.  

This week's challenge was to capture your personality in objects and write about it.  Hmm, tricky.  And yet as I pottered around the house composing my collage it quickly became clear that my personality was exerting itself without the objects even speaking.  Order, symmetry, colour coordination.  Control freak perhaps?  Penchant for planning?  And yet nothing is quite "right" - the photo isn't quite in focus, the picture is not alligned (did you notice?)  There's an element of "near enough is good enough" which would bother many.  And yet here it is.  A healthy dose of food and wine, travel, love, craft, mostly old with a little bit of new.
This vase is part of a small collection of blue glass that I have sitting on our bookshelves.  I love blue.  I especially love blue glass.  There's something about the way it sparkles in the light.  Like the ocean, or the blue summer sky.  I'm constantly on the look out for new pieces, I don't think my collection will ever be complete.
Keys to my parents' house.  This set of keys has traveled around the world with me, several times.  It represents family, my childhood, my heimat*.  Keys to a door that will always be open.  For a little while I didn't really feel like I was living in a "home" and these keys reminded me that no matter where I was, there was always a place for me back in Australia.  

* Heimat, is a german word that has no good translation in English.  It means homeland, home, country or native land.  Indigenous Australian's would probably translate it as 'country' encompassing family, spirit and place.

Jewellery.  The necklace was a gift from Matthias.  I really love it but unfortunately it's broken.  Has been for almost a year.  It broke while I was completely engrossed in play with an 8 month old - I was so smitten that I didn't mind that she was pulling rather dangerously at my necklace.  It broke.  I intended, and still intend, to fix it but like many things I haven't yet got around to it.  Yet. It's been sitting in my jewellery case waiting for the last 10 months.  And this is how it is with many things that I start.  So many ideas.  So many beginnings.  It's the endings that I have trouble with.

So there you go.  A little more about me in objects.


Jess said...

I love the colours, all the greens and blues are beautiful. I think they are my favourite colours.

Divas and dreams photography blog said...

Very cool collection!! The vase is beautiful and I see you like spicy food :-)

I love your words about the keys and your parents, it is a nice feeling to know you have a safe place to go to!

I like how you have reflected about your personality while you did this assignment, that is very inspirational to me :-)

Thanks for doing this!!

Hugs/ Christina

Clare B said...


Diana Mieczan said...

I love this and I adore you in objects:) I have a necklace that I should really fix...and my photo would have a fair share of food too:)
Kisses darling

Silver Strands said...

I know what you mean about beginnings ... but at least you start!

PS - blog award for you going up on my site right now :)

ALFIE said...

love this little collection of the things that describe you!!

Serline said...

Your own little treasure trove ;-)

Wendy said...

So sad about the necklace - babies usually grab at my glasses - and if they succeed -oopsy - I can't see. I love the blue glass - I wish my grandparents had saved some of their depression era glass, but they didn't think it was so pretty. Glad to have steered you to the workshop!

krissilugbill said...

love your collage! what a fun collection of things that scream "you". I love that vase...i too love blue :) so sorry about your necklace :(

Ashley Sisk said...

LOL - we're already friends.

Ashley Sisk said...

I have on my list of to-do's to do this particular challenge this afternoon. I really love your work and will start following you right away. I love the texture, the post-processing, everything about your style. Wonderful!

Kim Klassen said...

oh my gosh, i love all of this... wonderful...i love the keys and what they mean to you!!

wonderful clare... wonderful...

xxo, kim

sw. said...

this is cute, i can tell you're an organized person by the way you laid everything out :P