scenes from the weekend

Dinner, soccer, lakes, ice-cream, watermelon and beer.  Pretty much sums up a delicious weekend.  Friday night I ended up cooking a Zuchinni and Ricotta galette from Smitten Kitchen.  Perfect recipe for a hot evening, the only challenge being making the pastry without the butter melting required putting the pastry into the freezer to 'cool-off' every five minutes.  And thanks to all the helpful suggestions you left on Friday I'm now armed with a handful of recipes to keep the kitchen cool through the next week.

On Saturday we rode our bikes out to Wansee (a lake) and had a picnic and cooled off in the water before heading to a beach bar to watch the soccer.  Germany vs Argentina 4-0.  Incredible atmosphere, great game and now it looks as if Germany are favourites to win the Cup!


Diana Mieczan said...

That sounds like so much fun....It is very hot here too....I made Zuchinni and Ricotta galette before too and it was so yummy:)
Have a wonderful Monday and those photos are so sweet:)
Kisses and see you soon

chelsea rebecca said...

i need that zucchini tart pie dinner in my life asap. sweet mother of all things delicious.. IT LOOKS INCREDIBLE!!
glad you are having so much fun!!

Serline said...

Sure looks like a great weekend to me!


Looks like an a1, top-notch, 10 out of 10 weekend!