a poem on thursday: morning

(Love Sonnet XXVVII)

Naked you are simple as one of your hands;
Smooth, earthy, small, transparent, round.
Your moon lines, apple pathways, 
Naked you are slender as a naked grain of wheat.

Naked you are blue as a night in Cuba;
You've vines and stars in your hair.
Naked you are spacious and yellow
As summer in a goldern Church.

Naked you are tiny as one of your nails;
Curved, subtle, rosy, till the day is born.
And you withdraw to the underground world.

As if down a tunnel of clothing and of chores;
Your clear light dims, gets dressed, drops its leaves, 
And becomes a naked hand again.
Pablo Neruda

This week's prompt over at Madeline Bea was "naked" - once again I started with the poem, which led to this mixed-media print.  The photo is mine, the woman is from Mum and Woman’s Body by Pan Yuliang*, texture used is Kim Klassen's 'simple things'.

*Pan Yuliang was one of China's first artists to paint in a western style.  She had an interesting life, some of which you can read about on Wiki.


Bernie said...

lovely poem, wonderful photo! And I've really enjoyed reading your blog! lucky you with the photo shoot! Good luck with continuing your advancement in the German language, LOL! Im sure you're doing just fine!
Bernie x

Anonymous said...

One day I will be the 1st to comment on your Poem on Thursday post. I really look forward to them! I particularly like this one and the last verse. How often I feel light and new with the new day, only to feel pared away by the mundanity of daily routine and making accommodations for other people's foibles. SB

britni @ Antika Moda said...

What a lovely way to start my Thursday morning. Beautiful image and poem!

colorchic said...

Wonderful poem and yes... A great way to start my Thursday morning too!

Diana Mieczan said...

Such a great way to start my day:)...Thank you sweetie:)

Kisses and see you soon:)


Such an amazing image...and really beautiful poem!
Have a wonderful weekend

Jen said...

Pablo Neruda is without a doubt my favorite poet. His imagery is so breathtaking.

Dorian Susan said...

Hey Claire-
Was a crazy week for me, just reading Thursday here on Sunday....
This poem creates such an incredible image. I love it, and need to hear it. Thank you for sharing. I'm working to "embrace the poetry". Its new for me.
Would you call your photo more mixed media? Don't know how you did it....but what a perfect match for the poem and the prompt.
Gotta catch up on reading my fav blogs later today-after church and the necessary grocery.
Happy day to you.

lisette said...

Perfect poem, perfect picture.