this is who I am : the good and the bad

This week over at Diva's and Dreams our challenge was to think of two positive aspects of our personality and one negative aspect and play with them in photos and words.  For more details visit here.

My words were:

What I most love about myself if that I'm passionate and quick
What I most hate about myself is that I'm peppery

Now a sentence with them all together:

A quick and peppery temperament allows me to embrace my interests passionately.

Let's make a negative a positive...

The good thing about being peppery is that I rarely hold a grudge against people and grievances are quickly forgotton.

Being peppery is great because it creates a drive and motivation to explore new things, interests and continue to learn.


Divas and dreams photography blog said...

Very creative and colorful. Love your sentence!!!! Thank you so much for doing this assignment!

Have a wonderful day :-)

Anonymous said...

Hmm ... peppery. Of course the favourite Barnett wine is nearly always described as 'peppery' (shiraz of course); Bette Davis legendary actress also described herself this way:"I have been uncompromising, peppery, intractable, monomaniacal, tactless, volatile, and oftentimes disagreeable... I suppose I'm larger than life."
And she was great ... but this lady also inspires ... Charlotte Whitton - she "put Ottawa in the history books when she became the first woman mayor of a Canadian city. Her election led to national fame, but it was her energetic and peppery personality that keeps her name well known even today.

Before becoming mayor, Whitton’s career was in social work. She eventually rose to become director and the driving force behind the Canadian Council on Child Welfare, responsible for vastly improving the care of young immigrants and neglected children between 1920-1941.

She was known across the land as both flamboyant and fearless --a real firebrand. CBC Radio reported in her 1975 obituary, that Whitton 'carved her noisy way into the male dominated world of politics. Once there, she shouted, joked, cajoled, titillated, and annoyed in all directions.' ” SB

Clare B said...

Thanks Mum! You make me actually feel like being peppery is something to aspire too (which I guess was the point). I think I might grow to like Bette Davies and need to find out more about Charlotte Whitton.

Diana Mieczan said...

That is so creative,sweetie!
I love this project....It really is fun! Kisses sweetie and have a wonderful day..Is is hot there today? Its so hot here...uffff!

Ashley Sisk said...

Ooooh I like it - I've got to work on my prompt for this week as well. You've got me thinking although I'm not sure that I'd say I was peppery. My husband might use a very different word. ;)

Em said...

I love the picture of the peppers! And I'm envious of you having lived in so many fabulous places!

Lulu and the Locket said...

what a creative post - I have still to do mine. Love your blog lady!

Nancy E said...

Very well done!

Wendy said...

Love the peppers - and that font is perfect! Great sentence - although, I hope you're not so heavy handed with the pepper when you cook!

Stella said...

what a great post! I love it