scenes from the weekend

Germany has been experiencing somewhat of a heatwave in the last few weeks.  After the coldest winter on record we seem to be destined for the hottest summer.  With no air-con in the apartment, we, and almost every other Berliner headed for the water.  We cooled off, played cards, read the paper and I even got some knitting done.  It almost felt like we were on proper summer holidays and not just pretending for the day.  The best bit was renting one of those cute little 'boxes' for the day - they're typical German 'beach' affair and keep the sun off when it's hot and the protect you from the wind when it's a little bit chillier.  Perfect.  What did you get up to this weekend?


Lynda said...

What perfect summer shots. I love it! This would make a great scrapbook page.

Silver Strands said...

What a weekend Clare! your pictures always draw me in.

Dorian Susan said...

Hey Clare....I love your photos. Did you hear that? They are just so captivating. I like the one with playing cards-the ordinary-ness of it. I'm struck by the little boxes on the beach and am glad to have a bit of explanation. No umbrellas? Hmmmm.
Thanks for sharing.

Kelly said...

Great photos! We have had quite a heat wave here in Michigan as well. Glad you headed to the beach!

ALFIE said...

awesome photos! looks like a great time!!! so summery!

Anonymous said...

Love those funny little beach boxes - such an eclectic mix with the cane shades reminiscent of Asian rickshaws and the seats with elements of European art deco!
My weekend in chilly Melbourne was spent glued to the computer, tracing the scent of leads to more pieces of the great family history jigsaw. SB

FONT LOVER said...

wonderful photos!

Kristina said...

oh yes, we had a very very very hot weekend in berlin, clare, you will know what i am talking about :) we were exploring the city by bike but were cooling down as much as possible in beach bars, shops and cafes.... and we went to the Unterwelten, that was great and sooo much cooler :)
love your photos and love berlin!!
viele grüsse, kristina


These photos are the best! You can feel long, lazy summer days by just looking at them!