Seven months

Seven Months!

The milestones are tumbling at the moment. In two weeks I went from having a non-mobile, non-rolling kid to a sitting, rolling, bum-shuffling babe with two bottom teeth and a love of her own voice. Seriously, there is rarely a moment when she's quiet. She even hums her approval (or otherwise) while eating the food we dish up to her. Soft coo's for 'good' and high pitched whinging when we haven't quite got it right. Lately she's been waking up and practicing her 'da-da' and 'ba-ba-bas' at 2am in the morning. It's kinda cute until you realise it's two in the morning and actually you'd prefer to be sleeping than listening to your kid ticking off developmental milestones.

But even if she's kept me awake for what seems like all night and really, I'm pretty grumpy because this working-Mama thing needs sleep for it to function, one look at those cheeks and I'm done. 
Emilia 7 months-7.jpg

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Kristina said...

so cute!!! glad to see that you all are well :) and those cheeks..... :)

Franca said...

It always amazes me how quickly they grow, every time!

amanda {the habit of being} said...

what a cutie! i love, love, love those cheeks and cannot believe it has already been seven months!!!

SJ said...

i think i could forgive the lack of sleep if i had those cheeks to distract me as well :) so gorgeous!

justine said...

oh she is such a little cutie, absolutely gorgeous

Jane said...

Oh Clare! The rate of growth and development in that first year is just astounding. Blink and you miss something. Don't fret, though - it'll calm down after about 14 months, I've found with all our 3! J x