Four months

Emilia 4 months-22.jpg
A lot can happen in a month...

You can find your hands.
You can take a big breath and turn something you've been dreaming about into a reality.
You can learn to stick fingers in mouths and laugh when you make yourself choke.
You can pack up a house.
You can buy flights and hope that your little girl will be a good traveller.
You can find your voice and delight your parents with your 'talking'.
You can say goodbye to two years of memories, two years of friends and a European winter.
You can meet two aunties for the first time.
You can spend 30 hours in airports and airplanes and fall, jetlagged, into the arms of a waiting family.
You can say Hello Australia!.. Home for the next little while.

Yep, it's been a big month. Too big for blogging. Too many decisions and plans and then boxes and suitcases and goodbyes and hellos and in amongst it all our little girl has been growing into a big baby with a voice and hands and a strong personality bursting to get out.

I've missed this space. I'll be back. Soon.

Emilia 4 months-11.jpg


Stella said...

Oooh I can't wait to get properly caught up on things here! Hope all is going well, and lovely to see how bonny your wee lass is becoming! x

Jane said...

Oh Clare! How I have missed you and sweet Emilia. Tell me, is she over her colic yet? Are you getting any sleep?! Dying to hear the latest update. J x

amanda {the habit of being} said...

welcome back! she is such a cutie. we have a very similar berlin tv tower just awaiting pudgy little fingers to play with it ;-)

Anika said...

Wow, that IS a busy month! Good luck in the new chapter...sounds like all is going along happily. Baby is still looking very sweet.

Monique said...

Congratulations on the move! Glad you are with family. what an amazing and busy time for you. i wish you well as you transition to home as you know it.

urban muser said...

hello beautiful little girl...enjoy your time down under.

lisa said...

Oh my goodness Clare, Australia??? How wonderful! Little Emilia is growing so fast, and she is absolutely precious! I look forward to your return!!
Sending you wishes for a wonderful week ahead.

SJ said...

oh wow, you're moved back to oz, crazy!

emilia is gorgeous as always :)

My Beautiful World said...

So precious little Emilia is learning so much they just grow way to fast, welcome home my friend enjoy your special time. I Hope you have a lovely day.

Always Wendy

JustPatience said...

Very cute and adorable baby. You are so blessed.

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Annika said...

You have moved? Just like that?! Tell us more! :o) Looking forward to seeing you back here again more regularly. Hope you all are settling in fine!

Kelly said...

Wow! How exciting! And look how big your little one is! Time flies!

Siobhan said...

What a little cutie! Glad to hear you're both doing well. x

Suki said...

She grows so fast and what she has accomplished in four short weeks is amazing!

Carla said...

oh what sweetie. lovely photos and beautiful baby... great pics.. CArla

Tara said...

She is beautiful!