Morning Light
Knitting everywhere
Navy Knits
In the kitchen
The weather has turned decidedly towards winter around here. A week of constant rain.  It's all a bit glum really as we really were hoping for a few more summer days and a final trip to the beach before we packed away the bathers and towel for the year. Through the rain I've been knitting.  Knitting, knitting, knitting.  Nothing like rain, a cosy couch and some good quality knitting time to sooth the soul into winter.  A quick wander through my house today and I found five knits in various stages of "finished".  Yes, that's two hats sitting on the flour jar (it's the perfect shape for wet blocking), and that rather tiny ribbed square is supposed to be a beanie.  It's not finished, but I'm still not convinced.  I'm still working on Dad's jumper, but in the inbetween times I've been having fun with the hats in Bambeanies - finished photos to come soon - and perhaps, a proper review of the book (but just quietly, I love it.)


Kristina said...

we had also so much rain here the last days... today the sun is shining at last! cannot believe summer is over... :( so sad. and kind of depressing that spring is starting back in Europe :)

green tea and red nails said...

love this post. am crushing on navy big time at the moment :) i'm still trying to work out if the rain is depressing or cosy... haha!

Kel x