Dress in the wind
Good Table
After lunch nap
Rowan and Otto
38 weeks!

Sometimes you do get what you want. A long weekend and a very special birthday for my Mum had us hopping on a plane down to Melbourne and spending a wonderful Labour Day weekend with my family. The sun shone! We ate, we celebrated, we relaxed. I felt the warm embrace of family. It required an excel spreadsheet to coordinate cars, baby seats, sleeping arrangements and catering, but aside from a few frayed nerves when we realised that another trip to the shops was required because somehow a dinner's worth of meat got left off the shopping list, the weekend was pretty much perfect.


Kristina said...

sounds great! the weather was indeed beautiful, it still is actually! glad to see that you shared a wonderful weekend with your family!!

Jane said...

Clare! Is that you?! Have I missed something here? J x

amanda {the habit of being} said...

looks like a lovely weekend! is that you expecting again? or maybe a sister that looks like your twin? if it's you...congrats!!!