Beamish and Tipper
Rowan and Otto
In amongst all the celebrations last weekend there was also quite a bit of gift giving to be done.  I think I've mentioned before that I've been having fun playing with all the patterns in Bambeanies.  It really is a wonderful book.  Twenty hats for toddlers and kids.  Rowan's wearing Beamish and Otto has Tipper.  Beamish is more-or-less a bog-standard beanie with a bit of i-cord fun at the top.  It was a quick and simple pattern which was great, as I ended up casting on a few times before I was happy with the size.  (Rowan has an adult-sized head and I needed to do a bit of fiddling to made sure it'd fit).

Tipper is a rectangle, knit on the bias, folded in half and sewn up to create a large square-shaped hat.  It doesn't look like much without a head inside it.  Truthfully, I was a little dubious it'd look any good at all, but I think the horns look pretty cute on a toddler.  It looks even cuter worn "sailor style" as Otto prefers although unfortunately I didn't manage to get any photos of that. They'll be more of these made, I'm sure.
Damsel from Bambeanies
And of course E ended up with her own. This one is Damsel. And yes, I photographed it before I'd properly sewn on the buttons and cut the ends.  But it is such a lovely hat that I couldn't resist.  It's still a little bit big for her and I'm hoping it'll fit through the winter.  Such a cute design and it manages to keep ears and neck warm without the necessity of ear flaps or pesky ties.  The pattern was also one of the best introductions to short-row knitting that I've found.  I've struggled and given up with short rows in the past but the instructions in Bambeanies were perfectly easy to understand and left me wondering why I'd previously had so much difficulty.  

I imagine that they'll be more knitting from this lovely little e-book in the months to come.  Hats, I've decided, especially kid-let hats are my favourite kind of knitting.


Kelly said...

wow, they are all lovely! what great work you do!

justine said...

these are so wonderful you are clever! wish I could knit.

Jamie said...

Adorable! You have some lucky kids in your family.

Bells said...

what lovely hats! I never seem to find good hat patterns for kids - you may have just helped solve that issue.

Bells said...

ps bought the book right away!