Right now the house is quiet.  Emilia is asleep.  Matthias is reading (although I think he is asleep as well).  It's one of those days today when the weather can't quite decided if it's summer or winter.  That in-between time when the air is warm but the wind blows winter, or visa versa.  It's the type of weather than reminds you that change is about and soon you'll be wrapping yourself up in scarves and wishing for openfires.  The last few nights the thermometer has been etching towards zero and this weekend I decided it was time to call it quits on our summer harvest.  Two beetroots, four potatoes and a couple of green beans.  Not even enough to make a salad! They're tiny too - the beetroot is about the size of my baby finger.  Our pumpkins got eaten by the resident possum, as did the cucumber.  I still have a few tomatoes sitting on the bush but they're not even looking like ripening. I think I'll have to find some green tomato chutney recipe for next weekend.  Oh well, better luck next year I guess.


justine said...

I am so impressed that amongst all your new adjustments you are making chutney! and what a beautiful harvest, wonderful colours.

Anika said...

A beautiful post. I've missed stopping by here. The little one is looking adorable :)

Anika said...

Beautiful description of the seasonal change. Here we seemed to go from a Fall to Summer skipping a real Winter and Spring...although hints of Spring shine through the heat here and there. Happy wishes to you!