eight months

Eight month photos with a narrative from Emilia.

Hey, this TV Tower looks different to last time.  I'm sure it used to be red. 
Yep, it was definitely red last time.  
Mama. Oi Mama!  You've given me the wrong prop.  
You're kidding me right?  
untitled-24.jpgYou really think you'll be able to trick everyone and just pretend it's the red one?  Or are you somehow going to suggest it's been green all along and just ignore the fact that at 3, 4 and 5 months I was playing with a red softie?  
Okay then. You're the boss.  Ready?  
Done and we're away. 

Time to go inspect the fluff that's building up on the carpet. 

Much, much later I found the red softie (in the car).
Emilia 8 months-27.jpg

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Susan said...

Absolutely precious. Your images, your daughter, your interpretation, and the joy of red vs. green.

Jane said...

What a classic, Clare! Adoring that downy soft, sticky-up hair as well ☺. J x

green tea and red nails said...

gosh she is gorgeous! am loving that little dress too :)

kel x

justine said...

oh she is such a little cutie! what lovely photos and memories, they are really lovely

lisa said...

My how she has grown, and she is simply adorable!

Anika said...


urban muser said...

she is so cute!!