Ooff! Our internet got sick. I lost my camera charger. I went back to work. We had a mini-holiday to one of my favourite places in the world. I did some knitting. Our internet stayed sick for much longer than it ought. Eventually I managed to find my camera charger (in the linen closet) and we got our internet functioning again. In a nutshell we've been busy and I haven't been blogging. But I've been thinking about it and now I that I have both a functioning computer with an internet connection and a working camera I might get back into the swing of things again.


Jane said...

Oh Clare! Look at Emilia sitting on her own, with her gorgeous little quiff ☺. My, your baby's growing right in front of our eyes! J x

Dorian Susan said...

You know, I've been wonderin where you are/were. I'm glad all is well. Saw you were up in the Flickr pool too.
Your little one is growing fast. Better to put aside the internet and focus on what's important, but do keep shooting pics. I have always admired your eye. Happy day to you.

Anika said...

Hearing you loud and clear...I have had much of the same. Breaks are nice but I do find myself thinking of it often. Nice to see you.

Jamie said...

Welcome back - I'm slowly learning that sometimes life has to come before blogging!