Favourite places

MacLaren Vale Sunset

So, that favourite place we visited? This is it. McLaren Vale on the Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia. The summers are magic there. Four days of looking out at this sunset while drinking a glass of red and waiting for the BBQ to be cooked. Even better, watching the same sunset looking out over the sea. Yes, we did that too.

And then spent the days doing this.

And this.

Yep, that'd  be - let's pretend to taste wine but really we're all staring at the baby who is hamming it up for the camera.

See, told you.

It was a pretty awesome long weekend which seems far too long ago now.  Never mind, I'll be seeing this lot again soon (yippee) - in two weeks we're heading down to Melbourne again to celebrate my Mum's "big" birthday.  They'll be more photos, more wine, more hands to cuddle and play with E.  I'm counting the days already.


Anika said...

Sounds and looks lovely...what more does one need??

Dorian Susan said...

Looks like a slice of heaven....with a little star right in the middle of things!