potholder swap 2010 : new homes

My potholders have a arrived and their destinations!  I know most of you are probably not remotely interested in this, but I can't help feeling a wee bit proud of that all five potholders are now scattered around the US.  Here and here you can see them just before I sent them on their merry-way. This was my first swap and although I didn't really fall in love with crochet, I did fall in love with the concept of making and swapping stuff.  Now I just need to wait for the Postie to bring me my new potholders.
Potholder #1 : Heather from Massachusetts
Potholder #2 : Sally from Thomasburo, Illanois
Potholder #3 : Anne from Washington, Columbia
Potholder #4 : Cindy from Fort Worth, Texas
Potholder #5, Victoria from Berlin, Germany
Yep, Potholder No.5 travelled all the way to the US only to fly back home again (or very close too).


Jess said...

I wish I could crochet, they are all so pretty!


Love the colour combinations. Love the designs. Love the concept for making and swapping stuff.
Love it al!!

handmade romance said...

oh wow they look fantastic! what a great swap.

Katie said...

Love your potholders Bear - and the tags you used when you sent them...