it's that time of year

espresso, originally uploaded by minato.

It's that time of year again where I've decided to purge my body of all it's sins and go caffeine and alcohol free. Spring is definitely in the air and I'm feeling the need to spring clean "my inner temple". 

So far I'm having no trouble with the wine front, but oh my, this caffeine headache is driving me berk-o. I thought I was going to sail toward caffeine-free nirvana without issue when after 24 hours I was still not feeling anything. Silly me thinking that I could go from 2-3 double espresso 's in Florence to nothing without a squeak. By 9pm last night I had photophobia and such a bad headache that there was nothing else to do but put my sorry soul to bed. Today I coasting along (just) with aspirin. Not sure if replacing caffeine with aspirin is really providing my body with the inner-zen I'm after, but it's at least allowing me to work. I'm desperately hoping that by tomorrow I'll be through the worst. 

Has anyone done this before and remember how long it takes??? I swear it was easier last time.


Jess said...

I've never managed to go caffeine free for very long before, though I have lasted quite a while with no alcohol. Its hard though especially when its summer and all we are doing is having/going to bbqs and everyone is drinking. Haha probably not the best time to be resisting alcohol!

Chrissy said...

Hi Clare! How is the caffeine-free period going? Let me know if you DO find inner-zen this way!

Anonymous said...

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