Italy wrap-up

Just a few more pictures from last weekend.  It was really so, so lovely to get away.  Lots of eating and drinking of Italian red wine.  Matthias and I even managed to find a restaurant in Florence that wasn't completely over-run by tourists, and they did wine tastings and mixed antipasta plates with delicious deli-meats.  They also just happened to serve me a white wine that I loved so much I instantly declared that I needed a bottle to take with me.  It survived the flight home and is now waiting to be drunk on a fine sunny day on our balcony.  It's been hard to get back into the swing of things this week.  I keep getting confused about the day of the week, which is actually a good thing, cos it's Friday already. Yippee!  Love, love, love the short week.

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emma said...

i'm SO jealous right now!