ping pong

Posting a little bit later today due to computer issues.  

I'm a little bit obsessed by this 'table tennis in the park' thing.  Yesterday I was supposed to be taking pictures of "nature" for the last C&C Photography workshop assignment and I ended up spending a good while snapping shots of these men battling it out.  Such dedication to the pursuit of the humble game of ping pong!  There were jumps and twists and legs in the air, all of it rather unsuccessfully captured by my lens.  In the end, I decided what I like most was how determined they all looked.  Must. Win. At. All. Costs.


Elizabeth said...

Their faces crack me up. I think men are so silly at the games and sports sometimes, and sometimes it's really admirable :)

Stuart said...

the singleminded pursuit of victory and conquest are always to be admired.