crafting mojo

I'm not sure what it is about having the house to myself, but it seems to kick-start my crafting mojo.  Maybe it's because I can spread my stuff out of the whole living room, moving between different projects as my inspiration and energy shifts.  

I've started my kitchen blackboard.  I bought the paint ages ago, but couldn't decide on an appropriate "something" to paint.  Last week I spotted 'somewhere' in the blog universe the idea of round canvases, which I thought was a great idea but wasn't sure where to get a round canvas.  But fate helped me on this one and I literally tripped over the stack of round canvases out the craft shop yesterday looking for something else.  Clumsy does have it's uses sometimes.  The blackboard is now happily drying on the balcony waiting for a third coat.  I have high hopes for this project.  Think it's going to be a winner.

And then I cast on for another knitting project and blocked a third.  Plus I'm absolutely smitten with my new photo workshop "Photoshop the Skinny" from Kim Klassen Designs.  

If only I didn't need to work I could do this all day...

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