a poem on thursday : deutsch haiku

A little bit of a change this week.  From classics to, well, my first attempt at German poetry.  Over the easter break we were told to write a poem about love or friendship (our theme for this month).  This was a challenge - poetry in your native language is hard enough, but in German!?!?  I settled on writing four Haiku-inspired pieces and I'm proud of how they turned out.  They are also partially inspired by last week's poem by ee cummings. 

die Bluetenknospe
judendlich verliebt

Karneval der liebe
heisse sonne
Verbrennt meine Haut

Hand in Hand
goldern faerbt
Die Blaetter fallen

Das licht verwelkt
alles von Schee bedeckt
lange liebe verloren

The english translation is written below.  It doesn't quite translate into the typical syllable rhythm of traditional haiku, but you get the idea.

the flowerbuds
young love

carnival of love
hot sun
burns my skin

hand in hand
goldern colours
the leaves fall

the light fades
everything is covered in snow
long love lost


Jess said...

I like this very much.

Emily said...

Oh that is lovely!

chelsea rebecca said...

oh this is so lovely!
what a great post.. i don't read poetry enough! thanks for this!!

April said...

I like it! :)