Such a dreary, grey day in Berlin. 10 o'clock and already the light is terrible for photo-taking. But... Advent is upon us and soon the shortest day will soon be here. So inspite of the weather, here are some photos of the Flohmarket finds from the weekend. I'm really excited about how they cleaned up.

The pots are all really great quality - all heavy based pans perfect for Christmas fudge-making and attempting not to burn things on the electric stovetop.
Even though I'm not sure what the three metal containers will be used for I really like them. I have an inkling that they may end up being mixing bowls.
The pictures are really sweet - I especially like the ducks. Are they clouds, or thought bubbles with the philosophising of the ducks? And the best bit... cooking essentials bought, including a can opener and two bread knives, for 20euro. Bargain!

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Chrissy said...

CLARE! Your blog is still as interesting as ever, and now that I am back at work it is one thing that keeps my mind off young Maggie while I have lunch! I love love love the apartment, the decorations, the pots... So fun. Will be great to see you when you visit over Christmas. Chrissy