This Weekend

Posting about the weekend on a Tuesday - whoops. But such a busy weekend up at the farm!
The grass got cut around the house to stop seeds and burs ending up in ears and paws.
The dams are almost full after 60mm of rain in the last three weeks. Good news going into summer!
While the grass was getting cut and the fruit trees were staked and netted, Christmas cooking was going on in the kitchenAfter a day of cooking and pruning and staking and netting we all showered and dressed and headed into Castlemaine for dinner at the Empyre Hotel.
White and Green asparagus entree, followed by Angus beef and potatoes dauphinois - yum, yum, yum!
On Sunday we decorated the tree...We took the old steam train from Maldon to Castlemaine for morning tea and learnt about soot and engines and other fun stuff.
And we finished off the weekend with all tasks achieved (including the Blundstone and Toothbrush audit - 6 toothbrushes unclaimed, all Blundstones accounted for) and a delicious Lamb Roast with a game of Cranium thrown in.

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