I hate my profile. Really. Other than having longer legs it's probably the thing that I would most like changed about me. Whenever I see photos where there's a side shot of me I'm always slightly surprised and horrified - "Really, that's me?"
When I first started dating Matthias I was surprised when I found out that he loved my profile. Really, truly. So, although corny and a little silly, I made him an old-fashioned shadow image of us for Christmas. The frame I ended up buying isn't quite right - I think I might change it - so no finished shot. But it's really easy to do, you just need to find a good profile shot (easier said than done).
I blew the images up and increased the contrast using my photo editor before printing them out. Then trace the image onto some grease-proof paper, attach the grease-proof paper to some good quality card and then cut around the image.
Presto! Your very own image in profile!

And in case you're wondering - I changed the photo that I used for my shot, not having a full head profile shot makes it difficult. I ended up tracing and imagine directly off my computer screen onto grease-proof paper.

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Veronica said...

So creative! How do you think of/carry out all this stuff?

I'm with Matthias on your profile. It's fabulous.