Christmas Decorations

Neither Matthias or I will be in Berlin this Christmas and with me leaving for Australia on Saturday (!) we're celebrating a small Berlin Christmas together tomorrow. I decided the best bet for decorations would be something simple...

While we were at the Mauer Flohmarkt on Saturday I found these really cute "Christmas Decorations", which were essentially thrown in with the pots and pans that we bought. The vase was also a Flohmarkt find. I really love the little wooden eggs, but I've since been told that they're Easter and not Christmas decorations. But no matter - I like our little 'tree'.
Then for a bit more of a festive feel, yesterday I made these Oragami Stars using this tutorial. They're really easy once you get the hang of it. I still have a bit of red paper left and am thinking about making a few more.
I especially love the shadow they cast on the wall when the lights are on at night. So pretty!

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