I woke up this morning to hear rain on the roof. It was the sound of rain from my childhood and I was momentarily disorientated until I remembered that I was, in fact, lying in my old bedroom, listening to the rain on the roof at my parent's house. It's nice to be home.
But before I get totally distracted by Australia, I'm whizzing back to last Wednesday and our lovely Christmas dinner. I made more Origami Stars, bought some Advent candles and decorated the table very simply (but oh so Christmas!) for a delicious feast of prawns and roast chicken. Although a little early, it was so nice to sit down and properly enjoy our new table and new apartment together. We'd been so busy with constructing Ikea wardrobes and buying essentials before I left that we'd forgotten to stop and appreciate its loveliness together. So we did, and it was great.

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Renee said...

Love your origami stars! Merry Christmas and thanks for entering my giveaway. :)
Enjoy your holiday in Australia!!