Mozart and the Whale

This weekend we cleaned the new apartment,

We went 'dream' furniture shopping in the antique shops around Prenzlauer Berg. Then we did some rough sums and decided on Sunday to visit Ikea,

We bought beautiful old pots and pans at the Mauer Flohmarket on Sunday morning at... 8am (!). (Pictures to come)

Then went to Ikea where we bought a bed, wardrobe, chairs and many other "absolutely essential things" that you can't help not buy when you visit Ikea. Does that happen to anyone else?
After that exhaustion set in and all further plans were scrapped in favour of spaghetti and a movie. I got to choose from this awesome Video Shop near our house. This shop is fantastic. It has literally thousands of films - german, english, french, austrian (!)... it has a section where it groups movies according to director - amazing. And another according to actor/actress, and then another for genre. So cool. I could have spent hours just wondering around looking.
Mozart and the Whale was the final choice. Perfect movie for Sunday night - cute, slightly quirky and romantic. It's "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime", but Christopher Boone is now grown-up and trying to navigate through life alone. There are spots where its slightly awkward and Josh Harnett doesn't quite get is right. But mostly its nice.

Now I have Matthias's mobile sitting next to me and I'm waiting for the Ikea delivery men to call. I have a 'script' in german beside me. I'm really nervous. Telephone calls in German?!?!

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