I made a Hat

Knitting has been going on, although many things I haven't been able to share - partly because they've remained unfinished as I've moved onto other projects. This isn't solely due to a short attention span - I was missing some key 'materials' in Botswana. But yesterday I visisted a lovely shop, Woll-Haus in Prenslauer Berg and bought some 4mm double pointed needles and finished this little baby. It's already had an outing in the snow (yes it snowed yesterday) and kept my ears toasty warm.

And, I've discovered that self-photography of hats is tricky. Photographing midnight blue is also pretty tough. The next two photographs happened at around photo #20 and #28. You can see from my face that I've gone from "hopefully this one works" to "I've had enough, this one better be in focus/with me in the frame/some indication of the pattern". Ha! I did start out smiling and happy, but apparently the camera didn't want to focus on my happy face preferring desperate and cross.
Pattern: Butterfly Beret by Rachel Lufur (it's a free pattern!)
Wool: Rowan felted tweed in midnight
Needles: 4mm
Skill: This is a "I've already knitted one hat" kind of project - nothing tricky although you needed a little bit of patience to do the butterfly stitches.
Alterations: I made this bigger than the pattern suggests. I originally cast on the suggested 92 stitches but after a little while it was clear that at that size it was never going to fit over my head. I ended up with 120. And I think if I did it again I would add an additional butterfly row before decreasing to give it a more 'slouchy' feel. But mostly I'm happy.
Oh, and I've booked my flights back to Australia for Christmas - yippee!

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Clare said...

Hi Clare, I completely love the hat! I think it's just slouchy enough, looks chic and French. The colour suits your dark hair and blue eyes, gorgeous! You look serious and arty, rather than cross.