It's no secret that our house has been having a few sleeping problems. E has never been the greatest sleeper, even at the best of times she has always struggled just to let her little body relax into dreamland. Although in hindsight we did have a pretty good thing going when while we were living in Germany.  Once she actually got to sleep, she generally slept well, waking only occasionally for the odd top-up. No problem.  It all went to pieces when we moved to Australia.  I was jetlagged, she was jetlagged and in addition to that completely overwhelmed by the move. For a while we clung to each other like it was nobodies business, an overtired Mama nursing her little girl everytime she made a peep (and she made plenty).   It took a few weeks but we eventually got over the jetlag and Emilia settled into her new home.  Only problem was that the lasting legacy of the whole thing was a fairly fractured sleep routine.  Everytime Emilia woke up she needed me to nurse her back to dreamland.  Sometimes it was twice a night but more often it was 4 or 5.  Last weekend we hit crisis point. There were tears and a sudden realisation that I just physically couldn't keep doing it anymore. What was broken needed fixing.

And so last weekend I stood in a section of the bookshop I never thought I'd be in and spent a good half an hour reading all the baby-sleep bibles. Turns out there's a lot.  With a little bit of reluctance I bought one that sat somewhere between "let your child cry it out" and one that promised a "no-cry" solution.  Nice as a no-cry solution sounds, it just doesn't seem realistic. We started lastnight. Safe to say I didn't sleep much lastnight. Crossed fingers we round a corner tonight and by the end of this week we'll be one the road to recovery and mending our broken sleep. And then... and then I'm hoping that I'll be able to emerge out of the foggy shadow of tiredness that is lurking over me and enjoy the summer.

The picture above is my first selfie for a photo project that I'm doing as part of Urban Muser's "In the Picture" challenge - a selfie a week for 2012. Hopefully I'm up for the challenge.


Allana said...

I'm so sorry to hear that things are out of kilter at your house. I have no words of advice as The Munchkin continued to comfort feed all night till she was 4 (hmm, whole other story) but I do have the Australian Breastfeeding Association helpline number that you could call 24 hours a day for comfort, reassurance and understanding.
1800 686 268 (1800 mum 2 mum)
hugs and kindest thoughts, Allana xx

Dorian Susan said...

Hope, fingers crossed, for better sleep. My brother and sis in law had this trouble with their first. I think a little more "cry it out" and a little less up at each peep might have helped resolve the sleeping thing-but I'm not a mom and have no place to judge or guess.
Good news...now the boy is an excellent sleeper. It will happen. Wear that little girl out.
Glad you're doing the selfie with Urban Muser. Always enjoy seeing your images.

Suki said...

Will be thinking of you as I have a clingy baby in my bed too. Although walking him in his sleep helps too.
I hope the next few nights will be better for you.

Great selfie. Can't wait to see what you come up with during the year!

Jane said...

Oh Sweetheart. You need a break and some help. Why don't you try here (http://www.cmsinc.org.au/frequently-asked-questions) - this is what I found for you in Canberra.

I attended residential care with all three pixies. I can't recommend it highly enough. You need a hand and there's no shame in asking. It's the clever mums who ask for help! J x

allie said...

So my job is to teach small children English in Germany, and I have 4 infants in my group. One of them is sooooo difficult when it's sleep time, BUT best product that works like a charm is an infant ceiling mounted swing and it works up to a year old. Just an idea. Otherwise, good luck lady! I hope you start to rest up again soon!

Bianca said...

oh, no sleep is so hard. it does get so much easier! promise :)