A Year in Review

January - Deep winter snow in Vienna, Austria
February - Slow sunrise in Frankfurt, Germany
March - Celebrating Carnivale in Cologne, Germany
April - Late snowfall on the Austrian Alps
May - Early Spring sunshine in Berlin, Germany
June - Catching some morning rays on our balcony in Berlin, Germany
July - welcome Emilia!
Father of the Bride
August - Father of the bride, Vienna Austria
September - Wandering the streets with babe in arms, Berlin Germany
Andrea and Gloria - Berlin-13.jpg
October - Another reunion; this time with kids in tow
Emilia 4 months-26.jpg
November - Goodbye Berlin, Hello Canberra!
December - the beginning of a long summer, Bateman's Bay, Australia

 I think at some stage this year I decided that my 2011 word was going to be rhythm. On reflection I couldn't have chosen a word that would less reflect my year in any way shape or form.  Pregnancy, finishing work, having a baby and then making the momentus decision to move back to Australia was not exactly condusive to finding an easy rhythm in which to wander through life.  There were moments when it seemed as if I'd just tackled one hurdle only to see another, even larger challenge, looming up ahead. Rhythm seemed an elusive concept present only in other people's lives. And yet.

And yet you could perhaps argue that there is rhythm in even the most staccato'd work, that even the most modern of melodies has a rhythm if you allow the music to flow over and around you and let it seep into your pores.  And so if I stop thinking for a few moments and forget about the to-ing and fro-ing, if I just close my eyes and feel the year (as strange as that may seem) I find I did find a rhythm after all. Not a day-to-day rhythm nor the rhythm that comes from the steady beat of a drum or the tredging of feet down a well worn path. No my rhythm was all topsy-turvy, unexpected and slightly out of kilter with what you would predict. A fast-paced rhythm with only the occasional silence that might allow you to catch your breath. And if I'm being perfectly honest I expect that this rhythm will be around for time, because, I discovered, it is the rhythm of Matthias, the rhythm of Emilia and the rhythm of me. It is the rhythm of us.


ELK said...

a touching year in review and a perfect definition of rhythm ..each is a bit different ..

Monique said...

what a wonderful reflection on 2011 and where you are now. i'm glad you've come to realize that you all are the music makers and set the tone as a family. wishing you well in the new year.

Jane said...

What an affecting post, Clare. I've loved following your journey. And you're right - your rhythm has changed for good. And it's only for the better - believe me! J x

Kelly said...

what a beautiful post. the rhythm of a new little family certainly is ever changing for awhile! love this one.

Dorian Susan said...

You had a beautiful year Clare....wonderful experiences and views. Your photos I always find a pleasure to view.
Rhythm. I remember you choosing that word. Your year was full of rhythm-a kind of rhythm called "syncopation", it is my favorite kind of rhythm; a rhythm that falls off the steady beat, and by doing so accenting with the flare the underlying pulse. I think that's exactly what you did. Hope all is well in your new life in Australia.

Anika said...

"the rhythm of us", I like that.

Looks like a truly beautiful year. Hope 2012 brings you much of the same and better!

urban muser said...

looks like you had a good year, and of course, you to to welcome your beautiful new girl into the world! hope 2012 is just as wonderful.